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Group: FCC

Director / Writers: n/A / Josep Cister / Jaime Vaca / María López Castaño

Year: 2018

Rating / Votes: 7.6 / 47.000



'La otra mirada' begins in Seville during the year 1920 with the arrival of Teresa to the Academy of young ladies, who comes fleeing the mysterious murder of the Spanish ambassador in Lisbon and has a very different way of seeing things. Teresa, played by Patricia López Arnaiz, is a character with a lot to hide and a woman ahead of her time who flees from a mysterious past. The episodes of this series focuses on reflecting the history of each of the protagonists, adult women and young people full of illusions and courage that face certain problems still in force in society. Recorded between Madrid and Seville, it has spectacular natural exteriors that recreate the city at that time. On the other hand, Manuela, interpreted by the actress Macarena García, is the new director of the Academy. Continuing with the cast, Cecilia Freire interprets Ángela, another teacher at the center and Ana Wagener at Luisa, the most veteran teacher. 'La otra mirada' brings the female world closer to the viewer with strong characters that reflect times in which change began to be present and addresses issues such as bullying, abuse, the discovery of sexual identity, machismo, conciliation or the wage gap, among others.