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Genres: Mystery

Director / Writers: n/A / Paula Milne

Year: 1987

Rating / Votes: 8.2 / 54.000



Lee and Leah are two 14-years-old teenagers. In addition they are too twin brothers. Separated being babies but maintain contact by telepathic powers, each one can see the life of the other and to know what happen even living a much miles among them. Each one have got a ring with a half of the Yin Yang symbol, a powerful object what guides them to an old tower with a clock-tower stopped at the same time that they born. Step by step both brothers will fight for to be together and reach their destiny to discover the mystery around they themselves just to time for their 15th birthday. Written by Chockys

#1 TL

#2 DH

#3 IPT

#4 TS

#5 FF

#6 PTF

#7 WOP