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Director / Writers: n/A / Jonas Inde / Mats Lindberg / Pontus Löwenhielm

Year: 1997

Rating / Votes: 7.7 / 1.000



Some kids discover that there's something wrong with their school; their teachers are acting weird and the teaching therefore also becomes weird. An intergalactic hero, Kenny Starfighter, crashes his space-bus (very similar to that of Lone Star in Spaceballs) in their little society and soon, they team up in order to solve the mystery of the school. It turns out that the person behind it all is the evil Dr. Deo (who, as a revenge for having been turned down by the princess of planet Mylta because of his foul smell, wants to build a machine that will transform Mylta into a giant deodorant roll-on ball), the very villain Kenny Starfighter is out to catch. Their quest takes them deep beneath the school and brings them many encounters. And all the time, there's a feeling of mystery over it all. Written by Anders E Lundin